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Follow the instructions below to explore all the functionalities the HUB Controller has to offer.
How to register your HUB Controller You can register and fully set up your device in 4 simple steps. Follow all the steps here.

How to connect the device to the WiFi network

If you want to make any changes to the connection with the WiFi network:
1. Click on ‘MENU’ on the left.2. Select the option ‘Connection’3. Click on ‘Edit’ to change your network connection details.The device will search for all available WiFi networks. Then select your network and type in the password for access.4. After the connection has established, you can keep using the HUB Controller normally.5. In case your network details change, update the connection details on the HUB Controller, making sure that you click on ‘Forget’ first and then insert the new details.

How to control the heating in your home

Controlling the heating in your home is intuitive (the same steps apply for the HUB App):
1. Tap on the ‘OFF - Touch me to turn the heating on’ button to turn the heating on.2. Tap on the ‘ON - Boiler on’ button again twice to turn on the Boost function, turning your heating on for one hour.3. Tap on the ‘BOOST 60 MIN - Boiler off’ button to turn the heating off.

How to manage the temperature
Once you discover what’s the most comfortable ambient temperature in your home, you’ll never have to change it again:

1. Slide the temperature indicator in the thermometer up or down.2. Repeat to adjust the temperature to your liking.

How to see your savings in real time
At first, your Hub Controller will be learning from your meter readings. Once we have an accurate reading of how much money you’re spending, you’ll be able to set budgets and control your savings:
1. Click on the ‘SAVINGS’ button on the left.

How to read messages
We’ll be getting in touch with you with information about your home. To read our messages:
1. Click on the 'MENU' button on the left.2. Select the ‘Messages’ icon.3. Click on the message you want to read.

How to add a new user
Everyone in the family has their own habits. To give someone else remote control of the heating in your home:

1. Click on the 'MENU' button on the left.2. Select the ‘Add User’ icon.3. An 8-digit code will come up on the screen.4. After the new user has installed the HUB app, type the 8-digit code into the app. The new user is now connected to the HUB Controller.

How to control the brightness of the screen

To adjust the brightness of your HUB Controller’s screen to your liking:

1. Click on the 'MENU' button on the left.2. Click on the ‘Brightness’ option.3. Slide your finger to the right or to the left to adjust the brightness.

How to clean the HUB Controller

Use a soft lint-free cloth. The cloth may be used dry, or lightly dampened with a screen cleaner or Ethanol. Be sure the cloth is only lightly dampened, not wet. Never apply cleaner directly to touch panel surface; if cleaner is spilled onto touch panel, soak it up immediately with absorbent cloth. Cleaner must be neither acid nor alkali (neutral pH). When using cleaner, avoid contact with the edges of the film or glass, and with the flex tail. Use of incorrect cleaners can result in optical impairment of touch panel and/or damage to functionality.